Welcome To The All Electric ,Clean,  Amish Evolution  3 Wheel Thin Line Urban Scooters

Hi Everyone,
       Welcome to our page and thank you for your interest in electric vehicles.
Please take a look at our slide show and feel free to comment. We are working on perfecting the scooters and  how to make them affordable. We do not have any for sale at this time, sorry, soon.
        The Amish Evolution scooter is an evolved scooter with a front hub engine(700 watt) and two wheels in back with twin sets of 36 volt batteries under the floor.  It has a 35-40 mile range and a top speed of 35.    The front 26inch  wheel hub allows easy off road and uneven surface use. This scooter is also spectacular in snow up to 6 inches and is great on ice , clearly safer than walking ( it's a bottom heavy triangle).                                              



               Video of the Amish Evolution I and II (Winter 2012)